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The Library

The library is at the center of academic life and provides a range of services to support & enhance student learning at the campus. A team of subject specialist librarians and other trained staff provide a wide range of services to support your information needs and help you make the most of the resources available.
  • Study places for more than 100 readers
  • Collections of printed books & journal
  • Main collection of books-30000 of them as well as CDs, DVDs and journals
  • More than 120 National & International periodicals
  • A website listing thousands of high quality internet sites grouped by subject
  • PCs and laptops for access to databases and the Internet
  • An access to other academic libraries in city
  • Self service units for borrowing / returning books
  • Online reading lists

Information Technology Services
We provide a comprehensive computer based service in the IT Center with high speed internet access including wi-fi connectivity. There are further computers in classrooms & laboratories, with a wide range of specialist applications to support study programs.

Technology Enabled Classrooms
The altar of learning is always been the classroom but the classrooms at JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) are a whole new world of discovery, being equipped with high tech facilities like high speed internet connectivity and air conditioned

The state-of-the- art laboratories is fully equipped with tools to ensure students have an exceptional educational and rewarding science laboratory experience. They include Aerodynamics Lab, Avionics Lab, Structures Lab & Computational Facilities. Open, flexible spaces in these labs promote collaborations across disciplines and promise creative learning opportunities.

Propulsion Lab
The Propulsion Lab at IIAEM is equipped with the following experimental setups for UG curriculum:

1. Forced convection over a flat plate.
2. Natural convection over an aerofoil.
3. Subsonic nozzle flow.
4. Free jet and wall jet.
5. Twin blade propeller test rig.
6. Low speed cascade wind tunnel.
7. Measurement of burning velocity.

Flow parameters such as velocity, pressure, temperature and flow rate are measured. Velocity is measured using anemometer, pressure is measured using either wall taps or pitot tube in association with different types of manometer, temperature is measured using thermal transducer and flow rate is measured using orifice meters.

Aerodynamics Lab

Wind Tunnel Malysia
Low Speed Wind Tunnel
Wind Tunnel Facility
  • Principally used for aerodynamic studies
  • Used to conduct aerodynamic experiments on aerofoil and scaled down models of vehicles
  • Facilitate to visualize air flow, mechanism of generation of lift, and effect of drag
  • Flow Visualization Over a Aerofoil Model
Flow Visualization Over a Aerofoil Model

Structures Laboratories

  • To be used for Laboratory tests, research work and consultancy projects
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Hardness testing machines
  • Fatigue Testing Machine

Computational Facilities

  • CFD : ANSYS Workbench (12.0), Fluent, CFX
  • FEM : ANSYS Workbench (12.0), ANSYS Structural, AutoDyn
  • Modeling : AutoCAD, Solid-Edge
  • Avionics system : VC, C++
  • Control Systems: MatLab, Simulink

Aeromodeling club

  • Build a team of Aeromodeling enthusiasts  across the disciplines and develop skills in associated verticals
  • Flying of Aircraft model using remote control
  • Aircraft Model building
  • Aircraft Model as a platform for fitment of sensors for experiments
  • Make the learning an interesting sport