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Vibration Based Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Vibration Based Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) has been extensively studied over the last two decades as an alternative to the current costly scheduled visual inspections. In the last ten years or so, there have been tremendous improvements in different fields of engineering which open new avenues for vibration based SHM like increased computational power, data rate transfers and data storage allowing the use of very large net works of sensors, novel techniques in the field of data mining. With these technological advances, monitoring structures in real time using very large networks of sensors is becoming a reality. The proposed research in this area is to minimize the damage by properly locating the sensors to control the amplitude of oscillations.

Research Publications:

  • Velocity feedback for Simultaneous Vibration Suppression in Healthy and Damaged Beams
  • Dynamic Feasibility of Cooperative Systems under Communication Delay
  • Real Parametric Stability Margins for Matrix Polytopes in Two Dimensional Parameter Space
  • Formation Control With multiple Communication Sources
  • LQ Previewed tracking for Biproper Systems
  • Processing and Characterization of PEEK Composites using Alumina Nanoparticles as Reinforcements
  • A simple constitutive behavioral (Richi model) system to study the typical stress-strain curve for the shape memory alloy (NITINAL)
  • Application of shape memory alloy Nitinol in the field of defence
  • Implication of laser technology than that of shape memory alloy (Nitinol) in angioplasty

Sensor Fusion and Image Processing for C4I System

The convergence of technologies in the field of Command, Communication, Computers, Control and intelligence resulted in the emergence of C4I system. The basic purpose of a C4I system is to destroy the enemy targets completely and thus paralyze the enemy. In order to expose and destroy camouflaged effects of adverse weather conditions, multi sensor inputs are required to be coordinated and processed. A control center of a typical C4I system with facilities to identify the potential targets by acquiring multi sensor inputs and processing these inputs using data fusion and image processing technique will be simulated Research Activity: Three students have recently started to work in this area. The work will involve C4I related and embedded systems.

Development and Characterization of Polymer Composites with Nanoparticles as Reinforcements

Reinforcing polymers with nanoparticles has become an attractive option for improving the properties of the polymers. Compared to conventional micro-particles, only very small quantity of reinforcement is needed to achieve the same level or even better of property enhancement in the case of nanoparticles. However, the nanoparticles inherently agglomerate and dispersing them uniformly in the polymer is a challenge. This is more so in the case of thermo plastics compared to thermosetting resins which are in a liquid state at room temperature and can cured by adding appropriate curing agents. Recently there are several reported attempts to disperse different types of nanoparticles in different thermoplastics.

Embedded Software for Avionics System

  • To study and analyze operational commonality of Avionics System between Aircraft types based on applicable standards
  • Use of the same hardware for several functions
  • Reduction of embedded hardware by integration of different software functions on the same platform
  • Increased customization and flexibility with Field Loadable Software
  • Addressing retrofit needs to decrease of Recurring and Non Recurring cost and save weight, space and installation costs
  • A pilot project is proposed to be undertaken to develop the knowledgebase, capability and skill

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

The modern trend is to apply Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) techniques to solve problems in the following domains: Aerospace design, Fluid Structure interaction, Turbo - machinery, Electric machinery, Multiphase Flow, Ventilation. As a technology demonstrator, one of the potential domains namely, Aerospace, Water resources will be selected and CFD based analytical studies will be undertaken. Support through collaboration with outside agencies like HAL, ADA, NAL, IISc etc. will be sought.

Analysis of Composite Laminates with Cut-out and Flaws Mathematical model for the analysis of composite/hybrid Composite laminates in the presence of flaws. The analysis will be carried out using finite elements.

Shape Memory Alloys and Application

Shape Memory alloys (SMA) are the generic class of alloys that show both Thermal and Mechanical Memory. We have identified NiTi alloy and pursuing a project to explore and study the dynamic behavior of SMA and its applications in the engineering field by considering the mechanical behavior of the materials with some promising applications. It is also aimed to present the un-iaxial behavior of materials and develop expert systems on the constitutive modeling. Several publications have resulted out of this work.

Research Guides
SI. No. Name Specific Areas for Ph.D. Guidance
1 Dr. C.G. Krishnadas Nair
Former Chairman, HAL & Chancellor, JAIN (Deemed-to-be University)
Aerospace Materials & Processes, Fatigue & Fracture, Research & Technology Management, Airport Management, Manufacturing Management
2 Dr. N.G.R. Iyengar
Former Professor, IIT Kanpur & Director, IIAEM
Autonomous Controls, Structural Health Monitoring, Composite Structures and Materials, Optimization
3 Dr. B. Dattaguru
Former Professor, IISc & Professor, IIAEM
Structural Mechanics covering Finite Element Methods, Fracture Mechanics & Damage Tolerance, Composite Structures and Design
4 Dr. R. M. V. Gopala Krishna Rao
Visiting Scientist, Aerospace Engineering Dept, IISc
Polymer composite materials, processing
5 Dr. K. Tamilmani
Chief Executive, Center for Military Airworthiness & Certification (CEMILAC)
Aerospace Technology Dynamics and its implications on National Security
6 Dr. K. Ramchand Aerospace Consultant & Outstanding Scientist – DRDO Design multidisciplinary areas, Modelling & Simulator, Digital Architecture, System Integration & Engineering, Evaluation & optimization of various system,  Ground & flight safety indicating Air Worthiness & Certifications,  Technology Management of complex systems etc.
7 Dr. R. Balasubramaniam
Editor, Journal of Aerospace Science & Technology
Structural Dynamics, Vibration Control, Modal Analysis, Vibration Harvesting
8 Dr. S. Raja
Senior Principal Scientist & Group Head, Dynamics & Adaptive Structures, Structural Technologies Division, NAL
Aeroelasticity, Structural Dynamics, Smart Composites, FEM, Active Vibration / Aeroelastic Control
9 Dr. C. Subramanian
Former MD- BAeHAL Software Pvt. Ltd &
HoD, Aerospace Engineering, IIAEM
Fault Tolerant systems,
Real Time systems, Avionics and Reliability engineering
10 Dr. C.R. Ashokkumar
Professor, IIAEM
Stability Embedded Control for Nonlinear and Adaptive Systems, Autonomous Control of Vehicles and Health Monitoring of Structures
11 Dr. Gajbir Singh
Sr. Vice President & Head Engg. SBU, Defiance Technologies Ltd - A Hinduja Group Company
Design & Development of spacecraft, launch vehicles and aircraft structures. Development of robust finite elements and solution techniques including static, dynamic and thermal loadings
12 Dr. J.S. Mathur
Chief Scientist & Head-KTMD, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, National Aerospace Laboratories
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for aerospace applications
13 Dr. Rajendra Kumar Bera
Worked as Scientist E2, NAL, Visiting Assistant Professor University of Oklahoma, USA and Honorary Professor, IIIT-B
Aerodynamics, flight dynamics, aircraft design, software engineering, quantum computing, intellectual property rights, bioinformatics